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Floppy disk MoonStone ! help needed

Once upon a time, i was a kid, i played MOONSTONE.
I'll never ever forget that game.
Now, i want to relive that game, so i got a emuliator ( winuae ).
I got it working, and played some small games like: Larry lesuire suite 1..
I downloaded the three ADF's of Moonstone, i used the right configurement, and loaded the three ADF's in my emulator, i clicked " OK" and it got into AMIGA-DOS, wtf.

NOTE: Ive played MoonStone on a PC, and as most people knows, the PC version aint working. Ive never seen or played an amiga! so im kinda LOST

it keeps STUCK in the AMIGA-DOS, i try to do some commands like " RUN MOONSTONE " or " RUN MS " but no matter, its says PLZ REPLACE VOLUME IN ANY DRIVE, failcode 10.

k, i HAVE tryed to put the ADF 1 in first, and only. it works! woohoo........ ok ..... only intro >_<... it goes BLACK SCREEN after intro.... help, if i put all 3 discs in, it wont go further than AMIGA-DOS. HELPHELP
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