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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Ok! Experiments over.

Then I realised how stupid the above approach was, when we could have just had Hippo player running mods in the background, no need to copy to RAM: and you could even do this approach for the ADF release. So I redid it using Hippo player with the SOTB trilogy music as a stand in, just edit mods/music_playlist to put your own in.
Thanks Earok - have just tried the version on my CD32 and the music plays ok - its the first time I have played it on a CD32 and not sure if the music player cause slow down on the game as I previously play it on my Amiga 1200 which has extra bits and bobs to it which might make it run faster.

Also did the ISO version include the CD32 controller amendment - my CD32 controller is starting to lose functionality with some buttons not working so wasn't sure if this routine got left off of the CD or whether my controller now needs replacing.

Thanks again for coming up with a solution to the music option - the question now is what Mod tune to add to the game - will put out a request on a seperate thread.
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