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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You didn't read it seems. They are converting the floating point math to integer.
The response of kovacm to Mrs Beanbag's quandary (not phrased as a question) makes sense to me. Understanding would be better if the EAB forum did not discard the previous quote.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
nice, so they started converting it from floating point to integer, i don't know why it was ever in floating point to begin with to be honest.
Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
maybe because Intel Pentium can execute FP and integer instructions in parallel?
Similar, Doug engine use parallel processing of 68030 and DSP in Falcon.
Q2 was written for processors like the Pentium which have a fast FPU which can operate in parallel. FP is also easier to use than fixed point integers. These are big reasons why FP was used for Q2.

Even the early 6888x does a lot of FP processing in parallel to the CPU (integer unit) but the interface, instruction pipelining and caching are not efficient with an external FPU. Most early DSPs did not support FP but were good at fixed point integer math (often better than the CPU integer unit). DSPs are notoriously difficult to program efficiently though. Had the Amiga or Atari with DSP beat the PC, I expect a fast FPU and later SIMD (also not easy to program) would have replaced most DSP processing.
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