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WinUAE newer v2.8.1: Picasso96 stops working

Hello Everyone,

Since years I'm a very satisfied user of WinUAE. I like to use the classic Workbench V3.1 with an emulated Picasso96. (I installed that system following that instructions here:

Everyting was working fine.

But now, when after updating from 2.8.1 to 3.0.0 (also to 3.1.0), I realized, that my emulated Picasso96-card (known as UAE Zorro III under section Expansions -> RTG Grafics card) won't work anymore ! I just get a black screen.

I didn't do any changes in any configuration for sure ! When I deinstall WinUAE V3.1.0 (or 3.0.0) and reinstall my older perfect working 2.8.1, everything works fine again immediately.

Anyone can tell/help me what to do, to make my emulated Picasso96 running again under WinUAE >= 3.0.0 ?!

Thank you very much in advance
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