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There was a preview of this game mentioned in this months "Retro Game" which contains a link to this thread so I thought I had better provide an update - the aim was to have the final game available for release at the end of July - this didn't happen due to me getting distracted by making Kingdoms of Steam - which is a shoot em up made with reality.

With regard to Dylan the Spaceman - I plan to amend the outcome of the puzzle which frees Robot Five (all makes sense when you watch the game intro) and end the game at this point. This will enable a siginificant playable version to be released hopefully in the next couple of weeks- the last part of the game involves flying to Mars and capturing the evil Alien - This part may take a bit longer to complete as I also want to help push along Grahams latest Maxwell game by helping to produce some background tiles.

For more updates and pictures of the game please visit our facebook page -
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