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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
I bet this is old news and has been covered on here before, but how the hell is this possible?

10fps-ish on a stock 14mhz 030. Ok, the falcon has a smart DSP and a chunky mode, but that demo puts the fps I get from my 80mhz 060 somewhat in the shade.

Just amazing programming?
Ye, seems they are making the most out of the DSP to do 3d calcs.
Reminds me of a Dave Hanyie speech a while ago. As most of us already know, he wanted to put a DSP (Motorola 56001) into the A3000+ primarily for sound, but if I recall correctly he suggested that it was integrated in such a way that it could have been used to do 3D calculations.
So, it seems this theory was proven right, eventually...
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