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Originally Posted by zharn View Post
A3640 rev 3.1 used in both tests z2/z3 on xs100

rev b mainboard and rev 1 daughterboard.
rev b mainboard and rev b daughterboard.

Both boards get Same nak timeout (10) error.

Ive also tried mmu.library and different 68040.library, no change.

The rapidroad works fine in my 1200 via clockport, its twice as fast as the subway. But i didnt buy it for the 1200.
This is bug in rapidroadxs100usb.device by Chris Hodges.
I dissasembled this device, but I dont know which LVO cause
nak time error, I dont know poseidon.library error codes. This is perhaps easy to fix bug. For me init part of this device works OK.
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