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Originally Posted by esc View Post
AnnaWu thanks for your efforts. I have your A2088 setup working here. It's slow! But it's about the nerdiest meta-emulation effort I've ever taken part in, so that's exciting.
As I said in changelog, speed is currently randomly chosen value (currently it is ~100 x86 instruction executed/Amiga scan line). This need some GUI setting but it does not fit anywhere very well..

(And A2286 bios has CPU delay loop chipset timer test, too slow or too fast CPU = timer fault is detected!)

EDIT: and this won't be multithreaded, it is not worth the trouble (=just use real PC emulator if you want faster PC emulator), getting PPC multithreading to work properly took few months..

What's the most capable bridgeboard emulator ever built for the Amiga, anyway?
I think there was 3rd party 486 upgrade for A2386SX. It probably was horribly slow compared to real 486, A2386SX has only 16-bit external data bus..

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