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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
Again, who are these 'people'? Don't you mean person?
I doubt very much that only one person wants mass produced prices.

Originally Posted by Vot View Post
I didn't ask for your resume or qualifications.
I know you didn't ask, but I felt like giving it anyway. Alright?

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
What are you talking about?
It has been linked to you earlier a link to Carlssen's page where it shows the PSUs he's been produced for a WHILE and that he sells, and anyone needing a C64 PSU replacement should get one of those which are already available.
If there is one already available why is everone urging me to develop one?

Anyway, back to the original topic (Amiga PSU):

I have an idea for a single-box solution that most people should be happy with. It will be cheap, probably the cheapest solution so far, and more compact than the original. I'm waiting for some equipment coming so I'm not going to say any more until I have done some tests.
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