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Toni Wilen
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Beta 7:

- 68030 prefetch/ce mode now also uses improved prefetch pipeline emulation.
- b4 prefetch RTS (and others) special case does not exist, my original test must have been broken.
- GUI won't anymore allow multiple sound or network cards enabled at the same. (It has never been supported configuration)
- Cirrus Logic out of bounds VRAM access check improved.
- Picasso IV ROM loader update didn't support all old ROM paths (b6)
- SCSI Unit Attention (bus reset/media change) status handling should be now exactly as described in SCSI spec. (Roctec Rochard v2 boot ROM)
- A1060 Diagnostics and 8087 jumper was inverted.
- Continuing WD SCSI transfer with another Select and Transfer when previous SaT had already transferred all buffered data: new SaT restarted from beginning. (A590/A2091 omniscsi.device + cdfs)
- Config file loaded with non-existing *_rom_file_id: rom key file ("rom" with ID=0) was selected.
- M-Tec E-Matrix 530 accelerator board added (Thanks to Jozsef Vamosi)

Rochard RH800C with v2 boot ROM:
- Supports both SCSI and IDE. v1 is IDE only.
- Has crazy "Is drive ready?" polling routine, driver executes 300 (!) TEST UNIT READY commands in CPU loop per LUN (timer.device exists for a reason..), with single SCSI drive, driver executes total 6*300=1800 TUR commands during drive detection! (I recommend not to enable scsi logging..)
- ROM not yet added.

M-Tec E-Matrix 530:
- ROM image is software dumped (chip is not socketed), ROM layout (single chip contains two logical autoconfig boot ROMs) may not match real ROM dump.
- 53C94 based SCSI. Fake DMA, 2*long word wide data port. Whole transfer loop runs in level 2 interrupt routine..
- Boot ROM requires KS2.0+ only because it calls CacheControl() without checking ROM version.
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