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Originally Posted by Mounty View Post
Another reason could be that small developers are reluctant to take the chance of people coming after them looking for easy "compo".
All the more reason that you should make sure it has all the required compliance testing.

Originally Posted by Mounty View Post
I am fully aware of all regulatory obligations regarding power supplies. I once worked for one of the largest computer suppliers in the UK, and I was not only responsible for electrical safety under the Low Voltage Directive, but also for Electromagnetic Compatability, both Immunity and Emissions.

I while back I designed a power supply for powering my power amps and active crossover filters.

I was investigated by Trading Standards following a complaint by a rather paranoid and silly customer. They purchased some power supplies and some other stuff and not only gave my products a good checking out, but also the quality of my support.

I was allowed to continue selling my power supplies, which have gone on to be a very good source of income.

I didn't ask for your resume or qualifications. As i said, i believe no one has produced one because it requires certification I'm guessing CE compliance in the EU. (In Australia it requires an a-tick). Im assuming the cost of the compliance testing makes it not viable for small quantities.
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