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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I can imagine that your SpecBAS must have a huge amount more to it than just an emulator to require such specs...
SpecBAS has a few features, yes -

Graphics - 8 or 32bit colours, with support for rotation/scaling/stretching while blitting, changing the scale of any surface which makes math plots simpler, colour cycling, textured/plain fills, various primitives and full turtle graphics support. Amongst other things

Sprites - can be any size, any (reasonable) number of them, can be set to move and rotate/scale over time and run independent of the interpreter.

Windows - again any size, 256 colours or 32bit with alpha transparencies or palette index transparency, any window or graphic bank can be a drawing surface.

Sound - plays pretty much any music or sample format you want (s3m/mod/xm/it/wav/mp3/ogg et al) and sounds can be created on the fly and modified while playing - the BEEP command has full ADSR/noise control too.

Memory banks like AMOS, can be loaded/saved/manipulated with POKE/PEEK (the screen itself is a bank, so you can POKE directly to screen memory if you like)

Extensive math and bases support, with matrix manipulation as part of the array handling, full associative and dynamic arrays and various ways to manipulate them. Strings are similarly well served and I even wrote a regex handler for searching strings and arrays of strings.

Fonts can be mono or colour, with UDG support.

Finally there's a full command line for shell work - stuff like CD, DIR etc.

It's pretty fun to use - I've a few demos up on my youtube page:

Getting it to run on an Amiga would be a challenge

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