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Yeah, SpecBAS is mine. It was originally a prototype intended to just get some practice in writing an interpreter, but it got kinda out of hand...

I did install AROS on an old dual-core laptop with the intention of porting SpecBAS but AROS is so amazingly slow (we're talking a frame every four seconds) that I gave up on it.

I'm not sure that an Amiga would be able to handle SpecBAS - it would need a minimum of an AGA machine, and from my experience of porting it to ARMs, it needs at least a 400MHz CPU to be any real fun. Mind you, you could drop the requirements down to an 030 if you only run in 32 colours/320x256 resolution I suspect... And it loves to use a shitload of RAM too

Might rewrite it in the future but as it stands it's just too bloody big - it's got everything I could possibly think of in it, with the exception of 3D (which is on the way).


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