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Well, let's be clear. You'll find demand for all of them. I also want/need a C64 one, but you better design/develope one at a time, so I think it's nice and good if you take as much info about the market as possible (I would guess minimum two hundred buyers for the Amiga and surely more/double for the Commodore one) and info about what we need/what has been done/what can/should be improved/added, but then you first start with the Amiga one.

Also, it won't be easy, fast or cheap to get the parts I believe. And no, I don't mind to use one of my Psu connectors, in fact I have an unfinished ATX project with it (I've got three working ones). BTW yes, I know I told it took only 2 seconds to find a replacement, but it gets about 14€ to get one delivered (!!).

I must say that the only PSU that actually can power on my fully loaded A1200 is Amigakit's psu, but it can't always boot it and when it boots it isn't delivering 5 volts to the Amiga psu socket, that's why a sensor is needed as Jens has planned.

I know about nothing of electricity. Does the voltage at the connector also drops because of the draw of the things connected or it shoudn't? I guess it shoudn't and the lack of volts there only depends in the lenght and thick of the cable (this part for sure).

And a last thought: Jens has a lot of work for the next 6 months with a lot of things in development, and Amigakit also has it with his Prisma soundcard, Ian doesn't produce the ATX adaptors anymore and Kipper is too busy with his boards and with the Fpga accelerator with Majsta. Also, look at Ebay, there is almost nothing new about Amiga/C64 psu's.

You've got the chance now to be selling what people has been asking for a while.

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