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Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
Has anyone been able to get the following to run?
Leisure Suit Larry 2 & 3 (black screen)
Space Quest 3 (black screen)
Leisure Suit Larry 5 (works but no text, so unplayable)

If so, can you tell me how you did it?

LSL2 doesn't work with Roland -for me-, but LL1, LSL3 and LL5 do work. I don't remember if there is no text, sorry. SQ3 works too.

You have to copy a mt32.drv from another working Sierra game and edit the resource.cfg to use it.

In a couple of games I had to copy and rename something to 9.pat

I had working (I think):
Brain, Camelot, Hoyle 3, KQ1, KQ5, LL1, LL5, LSL3, MG, PA3, Robin, SQ1, SQ3, SQ4 and Trial.

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Ejem... Space Quest I (Remake) works with the Roland . You just have to copy from Space Quest IV the mt32.drv to it and edit Resource.cfg to have:


I copied the values from my SQIV config.

Also Leisure Suit Larry 1 (Remake) works making the same. I don't know what did they change on the remakes, as I don't see any other working.

Perhaps someone here can make this kind of wonderful remakes . Here there is some info:
And here are the mods for Wing Commander:

Edit: Also "Conquest of the Longbows" just adding the mt32.drv and changing the resource.cfg to use the mt32.drv .
"The Amiga version of Longbow is the only AGA64 SCI game: it uses 64 colors, instead of the typical 16 or 32 colors that were used in all of the other SCI Amiga ECS games. "

Hehe... so I've added 100% more of working games, LOL

Edit: Now take Police Quest III and add the mt32.drv, change the resource.cfg to use the mt32.drv and making a copy of 101.pat, rename it to 1.pat. It will work with the Roland.

And with Castle of Dr. Brain add the mt32.drv, change resource.cfg and rename (make a copy first) 9.pat to be 1.pat. It will work too.
Castle of Dr. Brain will hang if you fail several times when starting to select the right notes to enter the castle, so not sure if it works 100% right.

Please somebody try them, some of these surely can be adjusted somehow.
Edit: Amicol PM on the way.

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