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Originally posted by Syko
The RIAA says a lot about what the DMCA can and can't do. One thing it can't do, is prevent people who have bought somthing from altering it to their hearts content.

Yes, I know about the law which says this is hacking, and I do not belive that it is enforcable, as their is an enormous body of 'prior art' that can be used. The problem is that no one with the financial backup has taken them on in this area.

If you remove the copy protection, then that specific modification is almost certainly illegal, however I wasn't refering to that, I was talking about customising. Given the American hot rod and custom scene, I'm sure that they would be more than a little interested in a customiser being prosecuted for customising!
Oddly enough, no publisher back in the day ever went after any of the companies making products like RawCopy, ProjectD, Nib, etc., nor the similar apps on the C64, PC, etc. Compared to the strongarm tactics they threaten now with form emails, you'd think that such laws would have shut down such products as these before they ever got out the door. These apps definitely produced hacked/modified versions of the software.
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