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Speed problems with Windows 10

I know this is probably because Windows 10 s a piece of shit, because this was working great when running Windows 8.1, but I thought I could be of help in maybe trying to figure out what is going on.

I have an Atom based tablet that was VERY happy to run most Amiga stuff just fine, but now on Windows 10 I tried it and it's slow as hell. Sound skipping like crazy and whole thing running at what seems like 2FPS.

Is there any way I can somehow diagnose this in hopes I Can pinpoint what is ruining the performance? As I said, the exact same machine ran fine with Windows 8.1.

I tried first the 3.1 stable release and then a 3.2.x series beta (6 I think) so again pretty sure it isn't WinUAE's fault.
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