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well even ANSI Basic has functions, but really children have no problem at all with abstract concepts, it's adults who struggle, and then we try to dumb things down for children because we'd like to think we're smarter than they are when in fact we could all do with unlearning a few things that have got a bit too concrete.

There's nothing inherently friendly about BASIC syntax, in any dialect i've ever written in. The theory goes, i suppose, that if it looks like natural language it will be easier to get your head round it, but
1. it isn't natural language. "Looking" like natural language just confuses matters.
2. children don't have a "natural" language anyway, they only know English because they learnt it.
3. not all children speak English

generally, BASIC syntax uses far more keywords than it really needs (essentially arbitrary symbols divorced from their everyday meanings), that is just more things to learn for no reason, and it's completely ad hoc and inconsistent.

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