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Care to elaborate?
What "higher level concepts" do you mean.

As I already said a few times an even semi modern basic is a different beast than it once was.
Much more c like, but with a friendlier syntax.
People keep trying to dismiss it based on things that are simply no longer true.
I've read a few times in this thread about gosub, goto, etc. as examples, but they're frowned upon even by basic coders, in favor of functions/procedures anyway.

Types, structs (including nested), macros, includes, o-o, etc,etc. are all part of a typical basic dialect these days.

Again, I'm not particularly endorsing the language, but it really appears many here who are quick to denounce it are doing so on the back of the state of the language when they moved on to something else. As such these perceptions are pretty skewered.

Ironically though basic is now typically taught as an intermediate level language at uni, along with c/c++.
Things like flash/action script and even gmsl are taught as introductions to programming.

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