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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
This is very unhappy situation. I would like to buy several complete PSUs for my Amigas that dont have any, not as a replacement, but as spare ones. If I have to kill one to get another one working, it is not a solution for me.
Nbody is suggesting you "kill" a good one. The idea is you take a cable from a faulty psu.

Originally Posted by cpiac64 View Post
you need create 5V 5A for amiga with espansion
12V 2A and -12V 0,1A

if you need square connector, i have 5 nos black
I'm not sure I want to create a super-powerful psu. You can go down the ATX PSU route if you want that. I was thinking of a low cost direct replacement.

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Talking of ampage, will it cope with extra stuff installed like an accelerator (Blizzard 1230 or BPPC in A1200), indi ECS/AGA, USB, A1200 PCMCIA card, up to 3 external floppy drives etc?

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