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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Yes, two seconds to find them

It would be nice if you could make a Mechy Apower style PSU.

To make it unbeatable it would have to add the 5v sensor in the power connector to supply exactly that.
Two seconds to find them and another two seconds to reject them.
That is not a place where developers buy components. It is for the general public who just buy one or two units. If that turned out to be the only option I would drop the project immediately, as it would no longer be economically viable.

I'm not sure what a Mechy Apower style PSU is, but I'm guessing it is an enclosure that at these miniscule volumes would cost me more per unit to make than the end user would pay for the entire power supply.

The mechanism for ensuring exactly 5V is called regulation. This is normally performed by pulse width modulation, which is what I would be using.
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