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Quite the contrary.
What I've mentioned is a typical basic dialect these days, and has been for many years.
Those that aren't like this are the exception nowadays. To single out those that aren't is to misrepresent "modern" basics.
It doesn't matter where inspiration came from (more c than pascal in my opinion anyway), it's simply the way the language has evolved. It's what basic has become.

This isn't to suggest I'm advocating it to everyone, but I'm hardly going to denounce it based on what it was 20+ years ago either.
It's a much more versatile and flexible language than it once was, and as such a perfectly valid choice for quite a bit of software. From web browsers to emulators to art packages, movie players and quake clones. There's very little that hasn't been done, and end results ratio of hit:miss isn't drastically different to software written in other languages.

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