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Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
If I coded I'd probably use Blitz Basic.

Yes it's BASIC, but then it's BASIC. I started coding on Atari BASIC, if there's one place to start for any platform, for me it's basic, whether it's GWBasic or Visual Basic or whatever.

BASIC is good.
Is it? Yes its simple*, yes its available** on almost all computer systems.

The problems with most BASIC systems are: line numbering (actually a forced form of labels), limited datatypes, limited support for structured programming, limited naming of variables (often limited to an a-z character followed by a 0-9 character followed by a type indicator), static allocation of resources etc.

But the _big_ problem is that there isn't a BASIC standard in the same way there are standards for Pascal, C, C++ etc.
Yes there are standard BASICs (ANSI & ISO) but most systems doesn't implement them. That means that one can't learn a single standard language and then transfer that knowledge when working on another system. Actually it's worse than that - one often have to do drastic rewrites as different evolved BASIC dialects supports different types of extensions that work in different ways.

And even if one would find and work on systems with standard ANSI BASIC (the Enterprise 64/128 computers use it under the name IS BASIC) there are obvious limitations compared to other languages.

(* for a very limited subset of programming)
(** in some form)
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