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In regards to the actual topic,.....
What quantifies "homebrew" ?

In recent times we've had sqrzx1,2, and 3. We've had scummvm, a few doom engines, wolf3d, quake 1+2, strife, heroes if m&m3, a bunch of Atari st ports, etc., etc. along with various library upgrades and utilities.
A browser, mplayer, ffmpeg, mui4, Mr. Beanbag, T.O.G, and so on and so forth.

There's also a complete rewrite of the OS, and versions of said OS (AROS) to various architectures, along with software for it.
The list goes on and on, and this is also disregarding the ppc amiga-oid systems and their software.

Personally I think that's at least on par with the handful of titles released for the assorted 8bit machines.
Being that I'm a fan of most retro systems and Amiga (retro as well granted, but have to make the distinction somehow) its all a win for me, but I can't help feel the Amiga is being sold short here.
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