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Originally Posted by phx View Post
That's possible, but my strategy was the same: an announcement in the biggest Amiga forum (

No, I certainly won't annoy anybody with Google Ads.
We don't need to sell the game and we don't make any profit. The price is just for covering expenses.
Oh, I just meant to buy ad space in google search results.
Even if you are not in for the money you can think of it as a news channel for not-so-active Amiga users:
they enter a search term with "amiga", and in the results your game is visible and you pay only if they click on the ad.

Think of it as a cheap, un-intrusive way to help people know your game exists!
Be sure that littering your web site(s) with Google Ads was not was I had in mind.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
That's great! But seeing you're from Canada it might be difficult, as we chose to accept only bank transfers from the EU.
It's fine, as a native European who has not severed its banking ties with the old continent I should be able to scrape a few coins.
I am not a collector but I prefer tangible thingies over digital downloads.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
I don't know the latest numbers. One or two weeks ago our project leader told me something around 80 copies.

You cannot see it as a "market". You can be happy to cover your expenses. It's a hobby and we do it for fun. So nothing will stop us.
The games are available as free ADF download. The physical release was just meant as an extra service for collectors.
I see, that is not much indeed but I guess that the fact that the game is also available as a free ADF download probably reduces the demand for a physical copy. I know that often I opt for the free download thinking that I will buy the real thing soon after and I get lazy and end up never buying it (same as I did with Amiga cracks back in the day... ).

Have you guys ever tried to do a physical only release? Maybe you would be surprised by the demand.
If the ACA boards are an indication, quite a number of people seem to be willing to buy physical Amiga goodness.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
I know, but that's how it is. PayPal is no option. And we try to avoid any sorts of problems with international money transfer and shipping.
Completely understandable.
If you want, I can serve as a relay for North American buyers, if you do have enough potential "customers" I could buy a batch of 10 and ask my family to forward them to me so I can ship them "locally" from here.

Given the low price of the game I would not be taking much risk.
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