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Originally Posted by pcGTW_Webmaster View Post
Just tried ScummVM ECS on my A600 (68030 @ 40 MHz). DotT runs quite well, though it gave me graphics glitches at some point which stuck on screen all the time. Not important for now, however.

Since I have an Indivision ECS in my A600, are there plans to support the Indivision in the future for the ECS port? It would allow 256 colors without palette conversion and speed would also be much better.

Keep up the excellent work!
Thanks for the kind words

Nope, no plans do do any new ScummVM releases.

Did you try adjusting 'PALETTE_UPDATE_DELAY' Tooltype?

The way it works is the lower the PALETTE_UPDATE_DELAY then the less graphic glitches you'll see BUT it will run slower (it's a compromise).

This was needed for the OCS/ECS version because the CPU is too slow to update the screen without any delay.

You might also learn some performance tips by watching my video -> [ Show youtube player ]
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