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Can you boot your real Amiga with the Install floppy disk and run HDToolbox to check if the CF card is actually recognised? If the real hardware does not recognise the CF card, there is nothing you can do except to try another CF card.

If the real Amiga sees the CF card, you should first go to the PC and use DiskPart to clean the card. Then go to the Amiga and create partitions there. Finally go back to the PC and use WinUAE to install the OS on the partition created before.

We once had a thread here where somebody created partitions on the real Amiga and other partitions in WinUAE and the real Amiga's partitions were only seen on the real Amiga and the WinUAE partitions only in WinUAE, wherever the card was connected to. I think that DiskPart Clean was the solution for this.
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