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Originally Posted by Akira View Post

I'll just say I dislike them too much. They have shut down many sites and things (like the aforementioned video) with lame excuses just because they own some part of Amiga IP which, as far as my knowledge goes, is just the kickstart ROMs, but they have seem fit to also take action where Amiga is mentioned (even though they don't own that brand, as far as I know, Hyperion does).

ANyway, all it takes is a DMCA to Youtube to take something down, you know? It's not like you need much proving. YouTube will take stuff down preemptively to avoid problems, as soon as a DMCA is filed.
I don't see why they don't release the ROMs to the public. The on going system where we get the kickstarts from torrent sites and many other places illegally is a joke. Releasing those ROMs doesn't hurt Amiga Forever. This is 20 odd year old bits of code that morally should be in the public domain, yet the idiocies of copyright law get in the way.
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