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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Sorry mate, I forgot to link to the articles, they are in this thread:
Depressing, but very good and especially detailed Amiga history articles.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
C= didn't fail because the Amiga wasn't "brought forward".
I disagree. The Amiga was slow to be accepted early on for various reasons which are not uncommon with revolutionary new products. It was still selling and gaining momentum but started to fall behind in technology after a while. The original Amiga development group was dismantled and little was spent on R&D to upgrade the Amiga ever. ECS was a lame upgrade, AGA should have been out a year earlier with Chunky and upgraded blitter, lack of HD and CD support (later) for a "multimedia" computer was a big mistake, faster processors (later) which could have been in high profit models at a premium price were never made, etc. C= business mis-management resulted in the Amiga not being "brought forward" in a timely manner. C= did make other Amiga mistakes not concerning R&D as they clearly didn't understand their biggest product.
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