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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Tell me if you find all level codes. I tried to improve the technique this time.

There are also special codes hidden in the printed booklet of the game.

The physical release of Sqrxz3 for the A500 with 1MB is still available. And we have sold 20(!) times more copies in Germany alone than in the rest of the EU.

So probably many, who are potentially interested, have missed this thread?
This might also indicate that the game advertising mainly happened through word of mouth in the German Amiga community (which is no surprise since it is by far the largest in Europe).
If you want to reach a larger audience you might want to try to advertise it through other channels.

It could be worth it to buy a few dollars worth of Google Ads, I would definitely click on an add selling an Amiga game if I saw one pop during an Amiga related search! The Amiga keyword is probably not very expensive moreover so that would not cost you guys too much.

I will buy a copy tonight in any case!

And out of curiosity, how many copies did you guys produce/send (even if just a rough approximation)? It is a bit depressing to see people talk about how nobody makes good games for the Amiga when on the other hand people who do never release any kind of "sales" number: hard to get motivated to do anything when there is no data available to gauge the Amiga market.
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