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using an Ubuntu laptop as a modem for my Amiga 500

Hi all!

Had an Amiga BITD but not for long and I picked one up last year to get to know them a bit! My latest efforts are involving connecting to BBS's...

I'm sorry if i'm asking a silly question, but i've read that it is possible to connect to BBS's over Telnet on your Amiga 500 using a PC or laptop as an emulated modem?

I got some of the way with what I can discover on the net, but it's not working. I am trying to connect to a BBS on my Amiga, using the program NCOMM on my A500 and TCPSER on my Ubuntu laptop. I have connected the miggy to the laptop with a null modem cable, serial to USB with FTDI chipset. I have used this FTDI cable a lot on my Acorn Electron to connect to the laptop to transfer files so I know it is good and works.

I load TCPSER on the laptop with a Terminal command:

sudo tcpser -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -p23 -s 9600 -l5

and I get this:

Click image for larger version

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but there is no response from NCOMM on the A500. I have tried dialling out to (the telnet IP of the BBS I want) on NCOMM but nothing.

Can anybody give me any pointers please?
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