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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Do you work at Cloanto or know something we don't? Otherwise, I don't understand. All that Cloanto has done has been detrimental to the Amiga scene.

It's exactly what they are, I am assuming that last one was tongue in cheek.
It was not. You are the first one on EAB that I saw mentioning Cloanto in a negative light. Maybe I did not follow the proper threads but it seems to me overall that they are relatively popular.

What did they do which makes you think they cause harm to the Amiga ecosystem?

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
But I wrote to another user, do you have two accounts?
I think he simply wanted to reply for me.

This said I agree with him, I like AmigaForever, both the user-friendly (although I really do not like their UI) packaging of UAE and the great Amiga historical videos which come with the premium version.

If you compare all commercial enterprises which make Amiga products, Amiga related products or products for the Amiga, in the end Cloanto is far from being the worse and in my eyes they seem pretty reasonable overall.

And as I said, when I have no information whatsoever about a topic I tend to assume positive outcomes, envisioning the worst only causes frustration and paralysis.
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