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Let us tackle these one after the other.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
How can they own the rights to a presentation? It's just stupid.
Because Commodore owned this video before them, then Amiga Inc. then Cloanto bought the rights to a lot of things Amiga from Amiga Inc probably including this video. Youtube would not shut it down without at least a proof of ownership so it is very likely Cloanto owns it.

That would give them legal control over it and the right to use/hide it however they want. It is not ours to decide even though obviously I would rather be able to see it on Youtube for free.

If I want to be able to control the showing of videos that I do own, then I must accept Cloanto's right to do so.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
And if they want to make MONEY out of this, well, they can just fuck off.
Well, you are only speculating there and quite negatively I must say.

Why not try to envision the other positive alternatives?
Digitally refresh the video before reposting it?
Supplementing it with some more yet unpublished content?
Re-release it using an official Amiga history channel?
And so on...

I am sure than 10 minutes of brainstorming should be enough to arrive at quite a large list of non-commercial positive reasons why they want the video to disappear for now.

Also, from a purely legal point of view they are absolutely entitled to making money out of it. This said, this seems quite unlikely since there aren't many people who would be eager to buy it right?

All this negativity when we have no information whatsoever is just going to shorten your lifespan.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
The claim is probably based off the brand use, but still, a cheeky attitude.
Unlikely, owning the brand does not allow them to censor videos about it. They can only have youtube remove it if they own the video.

And again why the "cheeky"? We do not even know why they are doing that yet.
Don't just think of the negative options!

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I think i's an important moment in computing history that should be shown publicly.
And it still can be shown. That's precisely what the fair use provisions are for. But the display of the entire video depends on Cloanto's will.

Again, let's wait until we know what plans they have in mind for it before we get angry about it.

It's not like Cloanto is known for its evil and damaging attitude toward the Amiga community isn't it.
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