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Many people don't know exactly what they want or they all want different things, which was my point. Then again, how do YOU or anyone know or could know what "AMiga could have evolved into"? This is like a Back to the Future tale, with all the whatifs. It's silly.
The computer technology used today isn't that much different. It is faster, smaller in size/bigger in capacity and cheaper. Even C= used FPGA technology, for example, but they would have paid tens of thousands of dollars for what would be slow and tiny FPGAs by today's standards. An Amiga made today with modern technology is likely what the Amiga would have developed into, at least without C= management messing it up. The bigger questions for me are how high of tech could we afford to go and how many people would want one. The Natami is pretty close to what I would imagine a more modern Amiga to be and drew a lot of interest (728,580 views of the Natami "MX Bringup Thread") but I guess there were too many of these types of questions.

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Not true and I would invite you to check these articles that I posted earlier this week. The A1000 was full of problems and later revisions all tried to correct somehow problems inherent with the original Amiga. Then the attempts to "bring forward" started and it was soon evident that this was an impossibility. Of course, the Amiga HAD to cease to exist because there was no space for it anymore. Like there isn't now, except on the desks of weirdos like us
The Amiga 1000 wasn't perfect but it was the most innovative and revolutionary Amiga model ever made. C= failed not because it attempted to "bring forward" a platform that was perfectly fine but because it failed to adequately bring the platform forward.
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