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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I don't get it. Amiga users want a replacement Buster with bug fixes and bottlenecks removed but not a whole Amiga with the same because it wouldn't be an Amiga? No one wants to see what the Amiga could have evolved into?
Many people don't know exactly what they want or they all want different things, which was my point. Then again, how do YOU or anyone know or could know what "AMiga could have evolved into"? This is like a Back to the Future tale, with all the whatifs. It's silly.

What if it didn't evolve to anything? Oh wait, that happened. And why is it SO bad? I don't understand that.

Is your main Amiga an unexpanded Amiga 1000? That was the most innovative and unique Amiga ever and everything afterward was just an attempt to "bring forward" a platform that was perfectly fine the way it was.
Not true and I would invite you to check these articles that I posted earlier this week. The A1000 was full of problems and later revisions all tried to correct somehow problems inherent with the original Amiga. Then the attempts to "bring forward" started and it was soon evident that this was an impossibility. Of course, the Amiga HAD to cease to exist because there was no space for it anymore. Like there isn't now, except on the desks of weirdos like us

To wit, my main Amiga one would say is my expanded A1200, but I never use it. I now use more a couple of barely expanded A600s. I realized I never use the expanded capabilities of my machines but I keep them because if I ever want to, I wouldn't be able to buy them again, since prices are going up like hell with Amiga equipment.
I play games on my CD32 (it isn't expanded).

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