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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Anything you have proposed can be done with a Raspberry Pi 2, even the running of legacy Amiga software. For a very small fraction of the price, and there will be even better platforms coming out after it.
And anything I proposed can be done much faster with a 10 year old PC using UAE than a Pi. A Pi 2 will not emulate slow AGA at full speed and even a several times PC can not do it smoothly and glitch free all the time. The Amiga custom chips are slow and expensive to emulate in software but can be fast and efficient in an FPGA. I don't get it. Amiga users want a replacement Buster with bug fixes and bottlenecks removed but not a whole Amiga with the same because it wouldn't be an Amiga? No one wants to see what the Amiga could have evolved into?

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I just don't see the point on insisting of trying to "bring forward" a platform that is perfectly fine the way it is. You just ruin what makes it unique.
Is your main Amiga an unexpanded Amiga 1000? That was the most innovative and unique Amiga ever and everything afterward was just an attempt to "bring forward" a platform that was perfectly fine the way it was. No wonder C= went bankrupt after they corrupted the Amiga with later models.
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