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Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
Any chance someone can post a guide on setting up and using the new pc bridgeboard emulation features, settings and all?
I haven't really get around in trying bridgeboard emulation (still have to worry about Kickstart 1.4 dual booting first, then a little bit of AMIX stuff), but I think this is how it goes: (I'm going to use 2088 as an example)

1. Start a new config and call it something like "2088 Bridgeboard"
2. You need to go into the Expansions tab and then where it says "SCSI Controllers", click the arrow and select "x86 Bridgeboards" from the list, then select "A2088 (Commodore)" from the list below.
3. In the empty box to the right, choose the appropriate BIOS file. Toni should have uploaded these to the Zone already.
4. In the box below "A2088 (Commodore)", you have several options that let you set the memory, video mode (mono or color), and the CPU core. You also have the option of enabling the FPU, but make sure you select DOSBox as the core. WinUAE will always remember the values you set, so you don't need to worry about the emulator removing any previous values while you are working your way down the list.
5. Once your config matches A2000, A3000, or A4000 hardware, start it up and you are ready to go.

This should be enough to get you started.
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