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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I recently found out about this guy thanks to Syphus who shared an article of his (thanks dude!). Jimmy Maher wrote a book about Amiga called "The Future Was Here" and after reading his blog I am quite interested in acquiring and reading this book. You can buy it in Amazon from this link.

My attention was mainly taken by the series titled "The 68000 Wars". Basically a very good account of how the Amiga came to life (and to die!), as well as the Atari ST and all that shebang.

The 68000 Wars, Part 1: Lorraine
The 68000 Wars, Part 2: Jack Is Back!
The 68000 Wars, Part 3: We Made Amiga, They Fucked It Up

I didn't see them posted here after searching so I thought I'd share, hopefully it's not a duplicate post!

Look at the whole website, he has lots of other interesting articles!
I had hesitated to acquire Jimmy Maher's book but after reading these three articles it is clear that he has a really nice writing style and that he has extensive and very knowledgeable sources. They were a real pleasure to read and I will be acquiring his book as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
[edit] this brought up to my attention that fucking Cloanto have filed a copyright claim against the Youtube video showing the whole Amiga 1985 World Premiere. What the fuck?? Now we can't see that moment ;( Fuck you again, Cloanto.
Well, they likely own the rights to it after they acquired some assets from Amiga Inc. and they probably have plans to do something more official with it.
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