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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Will a fully unlocked unit match the 1233?
No, it won't. The ACA1233 is clocked at 40MHz, and the 68030 processor has two caches (instruction and data) instead of one (instruction only) that the 68020 processor has.
The faster memory interface of the 68030 gives it about a 10% advantage over a 68020 at the same clock rate. Since the ACA1233 runs at 40MHz, and the fully unlocked ACA1221 runs at 28.38MHz, there's quite a difference between them:

I have already entered the ACA1221 in that table, and you can sort it by clicking on the colums' arrows.

The "big plus" of the ACA1221 is a new method to speed up chipram access, and the all-new-to-the-Amiga-computer property that the clock speed can be changed on the fly - something that modern laptops can do today is now available to the Amiga!

Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Also, will this board have the same timing fix requirement of the 1233?
Yes - all mainboards require timing fixes. We've just found out that even Blizzard cards have a hard time with unmodified boards. In short: Four caps on the bottom side of your A1200 must go under any circumstances: E123C, E125C, E121C and E122C. The latter two are not documented in any Commodore files, but I've found that my only incompatible board had them assembled, and once I removed them, everything worked fine.

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Finally, will the 1233 ever be available again? It has disappeared from the usual online retailers.
It's sold out now. I'm thinking of making a new design that can handle different speed 68030s, and includes the same clock stepping feature as the ACA1221, so when the computer is idle, speed can be reduced and the computer doesn't get that warm. My trouble is that I don't have a source for properly-priced 68030 CPUs. I'm accumulating them, but at this point, I don't have enough to justify a production run.

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Oh, and if I sell it later - does the new buyer retain my upgrades?
Upgrades are stored in the card - you can't lose them, and you'll automatically sell them with the hardware. So yes, the value stays there, and it'll be moved with the hardware without doing anything special.

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