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People need to lay off the fan fiction with Amiga.
How is the "classic Amiga" an "Amiga" if you add a lot of shit that isn't "Amiga"?

None of the proponents of "modern Amiga" are ABLE to define what the fuck Amiga is or would be today. Seems to me like "Amiga" would just be a generic computer platform running a variety of unsupported OSes, based on already obsolete technology needed to keep compatibility with said archaic operating systems.

Now, CLASSIC AMIGA, that we can define very easily. It would be the classic computers, 500s,600s,1200s,300s,400s, etc., running on the 68k architecture. Keeping THAT alive means a lot of research and development into hardware that expands its capabilities somehow but keeps as near as 100% compatibility as possible with legacy applications. This research is usually not affordable because there just ISN'T a user base big and strong enough to make things happen (unlike the C64 one).

Why would any of the proposed expansions, be it SATA or PCI or whatever, bring ANYONE to the platform, if you have absolutely fuck all to use the computer with that you can't ALREADY DO with myriad of other platforms available in the market more easily and even cheaper??

I totally can understand people wanting to get into an Amiga platform and push it to the limit and use it today as their main platform, people with tinkering/hacker attitude, however painful that sounds to me, but you aren't going to miraculously attract anyone to an obsolete platform that doesn't have much going on for it and a platform in which you have to pay through the nose for everything, starting with the obsolete computer to base it all on, and adding up the obsolete and modern peripherals you might need to put it on par with everyday computing technology of the year TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR.

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