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An Italian in UK

Greetings all!
I am 43, I am Italian but I have been living in UK for the last 10 years (decent academic jobs are hard to find in Italy if you are not "the son of X"...)
Anwyay; got an A1200 two years ago (one of Petro's batches) and I have been playing with it a bit. Had an Atari ST way back in the day (wanted an Amiga 1000, but back then they cost far too much) so now that I have unlimited funds, I thought it was about time to see how it worked (well, it doesn't really work, as I have a day job, I am married, and with two children )

I am not a lot into gaming (except Lucasarts and Sierra adventures) but the main reason I got the A1200 (with a 68030 accelerator) was to run MINIX on it (long story...) and do some OS hacking (projects for the future: implement an IDE driver, and extend MINIX to support the 68030 MMU.)

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