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I never played SWOS back in the day as i sold my A500 and replaced it with a CD32 and sadly it was never released on that. I did play the CD32 World Championship edition to death though and got very proficient at scoring from all over the place. Infact to make it a challenge my goto team was San Marino and i could beat any computer controlled team with ease.

When they re-released SWOS for the Xbox 360 i bought it straight away and found i was pretty good at that aswell, it's very rare to beat any keeper with a straight shot up the field, but like other have said a bit of aftertouch on a diagonal shot and the goals go in fairly easily with practice. Certainly a lot more difficult to score than classic Sensi though, and the differences in the teams are much more obvious.

I do remeber beating Nigeria 50-0 in a 6 minute game back in the day, there was a bug that on kick off as long as the ball didnt go past a point in your half the match wouldn't end, and the Nigeria goalie was hopeless. I also remember a never ending penalty shootout, where basically the goalie couldn't save it, in the end it had to lose the match by hoofing it over the bar... Ahh the memories

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