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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
I can have a go at improving those larger sprites for the hard disk cd version. Do you think it is possible to amend the main file to include music with each level. It's not possible using the editor so I am guessing the only way would be to hack into the source code and amend a few lines of code. The game loads the sprites and palettes for each level so I am wondering if those commands could be located it might be possible to add a line to load a music file for each level. then again it might be just wishful thinking.
Maybe this won't be suitable, but with the CD version maybe it'll be possible to stream CDDA music with an external player while playing the game? The engine seems to be multitasking so it might be possible to do this somehow, though of course it means you won't have any control over the flow of music (so it won't change when you change from menus to the game etc)
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