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Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
Any chance someone can post a guide on setting up and using the new pc bridgeboard emulation features, settings and all?
(I don't do guides but..)

Good starting point is A2088 manual. Sidecar has too many jumpers, A2088 (or A2286) is probably easiest to configure, BIOS does most of the configuration automatically. Don't use A2386SX, it is still too buggy.

You are expected to know DOS. Most of us probably have tried to forget that DOS even existed...

Most settings are exact same as real bridgeboard jumpers, there isn't any interesting emulation specific config settings except cpu core and any of them most likely work with normal dos programs.

If you aren't sure if bridgeboard is booting, run with log window open (-log command line parameter), BIOS is doing initial self tests if you see "BIOS DIAGNOSTICS CODE: xx ~zz" messages (BIOS self test phases) in the log window.

If you want to boot dos from HD:

AT PCs (A2286+) have AT IDE support in BIOS. HDF can be added by enabling AT IDE Primary controller under IDE extensions and adding a HDF. (In real world this equals adding IDE ISA card to bridgeboard ISA slot)

Previous models need HD controller with boot BIOS. XTIDE universal bios compatible HD controller can be used with A2086 and older boards. BIOS can be found from the internet.

Bridgeboard specific option is to create harddrive image in Amiga side and let Janus bridge magic to create virtual HD in PC side. (I haven't tried it this yet, it seems too boring..)
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