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The 68000 wars

I recently found out about this guy thanks to Syphus who shared an article of his (thanks dude!). Jimmy Maher wrote a book about Amiga called "The Future Was Here" and after reading his blog I am quite interested in acquiring and reading this book. You can buy it in Amazon from this link.

My attention was mainly taken by the series titled "The 68000 Wars". Basically a very good account of how the Amiga came to life (and to die!), as well as the Atari ST and all that shebang.

The 68000 Wars, Part 1: Lorraine
The 68000 Wars, Part 2: Jack Is Back!
The 68000 Wars, Part 3: We Made Amiga, They Fucked It Up

I didn't see them posted here after searching so I thought I'd share, hopefully it's not a duplicate post!

Look at the whole website, he has lots of other interesting articles!

[edit] this brought up to my attention that fucking Cloanto have filed a copyright claim against the Youtube video showing the whole Amiga 1985 World Premiere. What the fuck?? Now we can't see that moment ;( Fuck you again, Cloanto.

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