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Well, just in case anyone stumbles across this thread and finds themselves ripping their hair out trying to get the Golden Gate to run in an A3000 my own little mystery is solved. I checked on BBOAH and it stated it need Buster 7 or newer so I upgraded the 6 in mine to a 7 as I had one laying around. Made no difference, still froze :-(

I gave up when I got it running great in the 4000 but its been niggling me ever since so I managed to get my hands on a Buster 11 (Thanks Sveta!) just to see if it made any difference and... it did Works perfectly now. So, despite what BBOAH says, 7 is no good, needs to be newer, 11 works perfectly :-)

Its back in the 4000 now I've put my mind at rest lol.

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