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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Going back to the managed code idea, would a managed Assembly language that would let you "take off the training wheels" like Oberon 2 did be of interest to anyone? I think that it's a good idea as long as the VM sandbox is lightweight. Think of AmigaDE but for 68k Amigas first.
I would. I have entertained the idea of a more structured Asm, implementing such concepts as scope of labels, &c..

Ditch the quicksort and use an iterative natural mergesort. On sorted data the log n term drops out to make it linear. The only remaining advantage of having a quicksort is the lower and upper bound subset computations required by C++ STL.
well i was only using that as an example. i have experimented with many different sorting algorithms, and invented a few of my own. Djikstra's Smoothsort is a fascinating variant of heap sort that reduces to linear time on already sorted data. Any sort of merge sort tends to require auxiliary storage though. Also Comb sort is surprisingly effective for its simplicity.
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