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Originally Posted by guybrush View Post
Beside the love and the passion that the community have; I would like to see things from a different perspective:

Today, my multi core i5 with a GTX that has more MFLOPS than a battery of flying saucers. The AmigaOS was running on 14 Mhz processor, with 2 MB of ram and a bus at 33 Mhz I believe.

Beside the fact that it was actually a multi-core computer (the CPU was just driving the 3 custom chips); how advanced was the Amiga design, to see nowadays computers with GHz and GB of ram, having troubles to run even simple OS like linux?

I have got a Raspberry pi, since it is cheap and is a great retro machine; that thing has 4 core and 1 Ghz processor I believe, with a GPU integrated and 1 Gb of ram? That's 100 times an Amiga, but when you run even the simplest version of Linux, with minimal UI, it struggle.

I was wondering if today, someone would make an evolution of that design, so we can actually have a full computer, with OS and everything, on a small single board; so we can actually throw away all the various micro controllers that are sold for hobby use (like arduino and such); something light, multitasking, optimized.
is there a reason why the Amiga design was abandoned? From what I see it, a dedicated video card, audio card and northbridge/southbridge are in fact replacing the 3 custom chips, but there is no chance to see an OS like AmigaOS, running as it does on the "puny" specs of a standard Amiga.
What are you calling "the Amiga design"?
The specific combination of blitter, copper, paula? If so it is severely outdated. The copper have no use at all in a modern display system. The blitter is too limited and to slow for modern systems and the paula really isn't much either. The combination of them did provide good performance for a consumer system at the time - that's all.
Or do you mean the use of coprocessors? If so a current modern system have more coprocessors with much more power than the Amiga design.
The GPU can do things Amiga programmers could only dream about.

Did the programmers got worst with the increase of speed? Or Jay was in fact an alien genius that did something that nobody else is able to replicate?
Programmers worse? Perhaps. But the real reason are IMHO 1) that current systems do so much more with a design intended to provide more features 2) rose colored glasses 3) not comparing like to like.
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