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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
If you use polymorphic classes, you are using RTTI. Or at least if you ever use dynamic_cast.
I didn't ever use dynamic_cast. In fact i didn't use polymorphism much - i had very few needs for it and it ain't good for performance.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
ok. i have no idea, to be honest! i have wanted a PNG decoder for Amiga though, it strikes me as a convenient format to store my game data in, since it's much more efficient than ILBM and then i can create the graphics on anything.

Does it fully implement the PNG format, with all modes and colour depths?
I don't remember the exact details, but it does implement everything that's useful for an aga fullscreen picture viewer, i.e. it ignores transparency and converts 16 bit rgb (48 bits) to 8 bit rgb (24 bits).
All normal images are shown ; only malformed files will be rejected.

And, yes, someone here may try to inject code in an image to take control of the machine, using an exploit in my code

There is certainly free code available to decode these (this is where you will see that it's not as efficient as it looks ).

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Are you sure it is not just because old hard drives outlive new ones? They seem to have become terribly unreliable these days, a computer i built a few years ago had a hard drive fail recently and i was looking for a replacement and realised consumer drives now only come with 1 year warranties! It used to be 3 year warranties were standard. I guess they just don't care any more. It went downhill when they went over 500Gb i think, manufacturers were in such a competition for data density. Samsung had big problems with their platters and ended up having to limit drives to 5400 rpm for reliable operation.

Also temperature is a consideration. I keep my own PC very cool, and it is not very high-powered. There was a study that showed reliability decreased with increasing temperature. Gaming PCs can get very hot inside...

I am only using enterprise grade HDDs from now on and hang the expense.

Or SSDs... but for 2Tbs of SSD you are talking serious money.
Of course old drives outlive new ones, but nevertheless, i don't think many peecees from 2001, running nearly every day, have reached 2015 with the same hd...
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