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Been making progress with this one.

Eventually sussed out how the game interprets Atari ST keyboard events, and my keyboard routine with ASCII conversion worked first time.

So, now you can enter a teleporter and enter the code, hit return and teleport to another part of the level.

Recoil is on hold for a mo as there is a bug that keeps crashing the game, and the recent progress I made on starquake makes me want to keep on with this one as its by far the better game of the two.

So, like I said before, would like to construct a basic intro sequence for Star Quake, so that would be graphics and music needed.

Who wants to volunteer for that little job then? Doesn't have to be spectacular, but enough to let people know that its a bit more Amiga than a straight conversion.

Oh, and Star Quake now runs utterly independently of WHDLoad and now loads from floppy on both A500 and A1200.
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